Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cruelly Hoaxed

We fell for it, it seemed so plausible, and we didn’t sleep a wink last night worrying about the consequences of our selfish and wanton stockpiling of Marmite …..
Marmite Shortage Hoax
…… only to find out that it was a cruel April Fool ……
We are so gullible!


Mr.D said...

Very sneaky - well done! I bet you jars of the stuff flew off the selves in some parts.
In my defence, I read the blog at 6pm on Thursday 31st March - well before April Fools Day.

Di said...

Don't worry boys! We almost got to the point of raiding the shelves too until I realised, literally in mid-comment to you, what the date was. It was a brilliant spoof and I just bet your naughty Mum was behind it. Di x

YorkshireKaren said...

Oh you poor poor things! Don't worry, at least Tesco have done well, and Marmite shares have probably soared as a result! And on the plus side, you won't EVER run out of Marmite now for a long, long time!

marc said...

i to was fooled and felt for you and i dont even like the stuff I think that Crafty Mum was up to wrong doing and sckulldugery and was hee hee heeing all day long what fools we were to rise to her April prank lol big love marc she is the Queen of fun and we kneel before her lol