Saturday, 9 April 2011

Grand National 2011 – The Runners and Riders – A Derek Acorah Trilogy ……

It’s Grand National Day and we downloaded a sweepstake sheet earlier in the week with the runners and riders for our perusal.  There seems to be a very spooky theme going through our selections, talk about a Derek Acorah moment ….we’ve had a trilogy of them .............!!
Grand National 2011
When we first looked at the sheet  Nigel was adamant that he wanted Irish Raptor, no hivering or hovering for him, he loves dinosaurs, even if they do give him nightmares, but when we checked the runners again this morning, it seems that Irish Raptor has been withdrawn … so Nigel has had to chose again! As 2 and 8 are his favourite numbers, for reasons we haven’t quite got to the bottom of, he is now backing number 28 on our sheet which is West End Rocker …. nothing apparently spooky there, yet ……..
Irish Raptor 
After Nigel’s impromptu re-selection, it was left to Darrell and I to choose our horses. We decided to go for a rather slightly more scientific approach…… We closed our eyes, circled our hands round a bit and then plonked them on the sheet, the horse nearest our hand was to be our Grand National Horse of Choice (Mr. D, our serial commenter, will no doubt have a very scientific name and explanation, with  a many numbered and bracketed formula for this method of selection). Darrell landed  near a horse called “Backstage”.  That’s when we started getting the willies up us ….. the chills were multiplying! Darrell proffered the following notion, he said " Oooowwweer.... we appear to be  being drawn by a compelling prophetic force ...  these names are all connected to our friend Hugh, he who lives in Notting Hill and lives and breathes the showbiz life!"  ………. and when I landed on Oscar Time …… we all totally freaked out ……and had to suck on a Werthers for a while to calm down!
Grand National Day 2011
..... Only time will tell if we have been guided to our horses in an unseen hand type nature  ........ However, we won't be putting any actual money on our horses,  but we will be shouting them on with all the vim, vigour and excitement as if we had “bunged a score on” on them!


Mr.D said...

They showed the boat race live on the BBC so maybe they will show the National too.
Nothing scientific about my selections - the sound of the name and a quick look at the odds does it for me. Failing that, a pin in the newspaper.
Maybe all of the horses were named with Hugh in mind. Spooky indeed.

Candycane said...

Oooh you have the same horsey as me - West End Rocker - let's hope he does us proud!!!

Sal xXx