Monday, 1 August 2011

We’ve Been Recognised And An Award Speech!

Please note - The Dog’s Doodah Blogger Offer is no longer available
Picture 145
We’re not being rude …. but we are the Dog’s Doodahs!
The Dogs's Doodahs .com
A couple of weeks ago one of our lovely followers Jane suggested that we write to a site called The Dog’s Doodahs, as they were giving away special bloggers packs to bloggers they thought deserved it …. we never ever thought we would hear anything, then out of the blue we got this e-mail ….
You monkeys rock! The Blogger Support Packs are in short supply, but I'm going to send you one :)
I'm afraid it might take me a week or so to box them up, but I'll be as quick as I can.
Let me know when it gets to you ok?
I hope you enjoy, the home of Funny Birthday Cards!
Have a brill weekend.

The Dog's 1  We are so proud and honoured. We think we got it for our humour and extensive on trend wardrobes rather than our occasional intellectual and insightful social comment, but we’re working on that!
Picture 143 Anyway, a huge parcel arrived …. and the excitement at our kitchen table was palpable….
Dog's Doodahs 5
We got a funny card from Alex, which included a voucher for a free card which we will think about very, very carefully before using…..
Dog's Doodahs 3
…… and a mug with a rude word on with a sachet of cappuccino, our current hot drink of choice  …. we have tried to photograph the mug at an angle of a careful and sensitive nature so as not to offend any of our followers sensibilities.
Picture 144
Anyway, we accept this award most graciously and would like to thank Alex and the Dog’s Doodahs Team for recognising our contribution to the Blogging World, Jane for suggesting we apply for it, Jan The Fan, and Auntie Jan for their unstinting support over the past two years, Mr D and Marc for their daily witty comments, Stacey Solomon and her Dad, and Derek Acorah and his Spirit Guide Sam, who no doubt would have foretold this award if they had known about it…. the makers of Nom yoghurt and Marmite and ALL our kind and loyal followers and fans, too many to mention by name, but without whom we could not blog without ……. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Please note that there is adult humour on the Dog’s Doodahs site.


marc said...

Well done boys and thankyou for the shout out lol you and mums crafty blog are my most fav blogs in the world i am glad to see you have broken the 121 followers and more peps are finding you big love marc

Debbie said...

Congratulations boys a wonderful acceptance speach. i love reading your blog everyday, it brightens my day. keep up the good work. Hugs Debbie x

Diane said...

Well done boys. You are always my daily blog read of choice! xx

Anj said...

Congratulations lads - keep up the good work - love you loads, hugs n stuff Anj x x