Thursday, 4 August 2011

All Things Must Change …. Even The Village Bus Service!

Number 5 Bus Stop
Life goes on and life changes … and for many years there has only ever been one bus in our village ….  and that was our beloved Banga bus. But since George left us our bus trips into town just haven’t been the same.
Picture 377
So perhaps it is fortuitous that our village is now awash with buses  …. three an hour no less (not counting the Banga bus, which is once an hour)….and while they were ironing out problems of a timetable type nature we have had all four at the same time ….. !!
Picture 375  Picture 371
We don’t have a proper bus stop/shelter as of yet, just a printed A4 sheet of paper in a polly pocket, tied to the telegraph pole next to the pizza shop bins …. but I expect that will all change soon too, give or take a year or two.
Picture 374
But the vista is a quite pleasing to the right of the bins and you can see the bus coming for ages up the road, which gives you plenty of time to get the right money ready, because unlike the Banga bus these new buses don’t give you change.  I can foresee the profits of our Tesco Express going up as we have to nip over each morning to get a packet of the cheapest chewing gum in order to get the correct change!


Mrs A. said...

We had a brand new bus service last year for 3 months then they stopped running it and took away all the shelters and bus stops they had put in. So now if we want to go to the town it was going to we have to catch a bus going to a town in the opposite direction and then change buses for one going to the other town. It's like musical chairs!! Hugs Monkey & Norm.

marc said...

they say when you wait for a bus you wait ages for 1 to come and then 3 come along at the same time you had 4 your so lucky in london we have red buses big love marc