Monday, 8 August 2011

Vinnie An Olympic Games Maker Maker!

Vinnie the Volunteer popped in ever so quickly to see us yesterday. As the London 2012 Olympics approach he is getting busier and busier ….. and we get prouder and prouder.
London Olympic Volunteer
So proud, we could burst,  especially when we saw his accreditation and badge. When we first heard of his aspirations of an London 2012 type nature, it didn’t seem real,  but now we know it’s very real and  Vinnie is living the dream! 
Picture 157
He has just started his new job as a Selection Event Volunteer, which means that he is interviewing aspiring Games Makers, people like him, who want to volunteer their time and help to make this the best Olympics ever.  He hasn’t meet Lord Coe yet …. but he is hoping and is practicing his bowing for the occasion!
London Olympic mascot
He bought us a present, it was very exciting, we knew he had because we spotted the bag as soon as he arrived, and hoped he hadn’t noticed our expectant gazes towards it too much ……
Picture 161
He’d bought us one of the official mascots, Wenlock …. Nigel didn’t quite know what to make of it……
Olympic mascot Wenlock
……. especially his one eye!
Picture 162
We very much liked his Olympic Ring Friendship Bands and hope that we will be able to get some like them too nearer the time.
Wenlock Olympic Mascot
It’s all going to be very wonderful and we are so privileged to have Vinnie there representing all of our (monkey) friends.
Picture 163
Vinnie had one more surprise up his sleeve, as Cadbury are the official confectioners of choice for the Olympics, he said there were chocolate akimbo where he was working ….. so he availed himself of a few to share with us, nom-Olympic-tastic!


Di said...

Oh dear - don't tell me the boys will be limbering up next! Too funny - Marvin is asleep right now but he'll read this in the morning! Di xx

marc said...

great news and we are so proud of vinnie he is liveing the dream well done him big love marc

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Visiting you from Di's blog link.

Congrats Vinnie!

Hugs, Sandra

Mr. D said...

Well done Vinnie. I assume Wenlock is named after the location of the first modern olympics.