Sunday, 28 August 2011

Brixham – A Town Of Many Steps

Picture 162
Cockle Cottage enjoys  vistas of a very spectacular type nature, but there is a price to be paid ….. hundreds and hundreds of steps to get to it ….
Picture 111
Even our garden is not without its heights to scale
Picture 122
So when we go out, we have to allow ourselves plenty of time to get down and back up again.
steps in Brixham 3
We have found a few short cuts ….
Steps in Brixham 1
But there’s no getting away from the climb!  Darrell however has turned this slight negative into a huge positive, musing that after a week or so of this, he will have calves as taut and toned as any Olympic Athlete and the gluteus maximus he has always dreamt of, akin to a tight walnut!  What is he like?


Di said...

We'll be watching to see if Darrell makes it through the hurdling trials then for our Olympics Team GB! Go Darrell!! Hank and Marvin xxx

marc said...

i am worn out just looking with my bad leg you would have to put in a stair lift lol your be strong and fit and you wont have put on any weight even if you have been having treats of a sea side holiday type naturebig love marc

Mr. D said...

|That does look difficult, even though monkeys are good at climbing.