Friday, 26 August 2011

Pirate Day in Brixham And Home Decor

Brixham Pirate Day
Ah ha me hearties ……it was Pirate Day in Brixham yesterday!
Brixham Pirate Day 2
The harbour was awash with pirates going about their everyday lives, doing thier shopping, buying postcards and having a latte and a slice of lemon drizzle cake in the coffee shop, but we sensed a little retisence in Nigel
Brixham Pirate day 4
We think it had a little something to do with his finding his 62p on the beach, he really didn’t want to have much contact with any of them, just in case the said money belonged to any of them. He was frightened that if they sensed that he may have it, they would splice him to the main brace and make him walk the plank until he confessed that it was now under his pillow. What is he like?
Talking of pirates ….. Cockle Cottage is filled with all sorts of object 'd’arts of a pirate and nautical type nature …..
Fisherman Ornaments
We are very struck by some of them, and have spoken at length, during our stay about purchasing  and taking back a few key pieces for our home decor ……..
Picture 057 Picture 058
…. However as we mused,  we realised that though they look at home in a cottage by the sea …. back home in Wolverhampton they may not evoke the same effect.
Picture 165
Which is a shame really!


marc said...

best leave the decor there as they found out in changing rooms some things are best left were they fit in best any way it would not be the same if you went to the sea again may be a few shells or a driftwood mirror /shelf are ok in a bathroom or even by water in the garden big love marc

Mr. D said...

You could have a nautical or pirate-themed bathroom. holey shells anyone?