Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tossing and Turning And A First Time For Sevi

Waking Sevi
Darrell had to get up in the middle of the night last night to wake Sevi, whenever he turned over in his sleep the bell on his wrist jingled, and unfortunately for Darrell, Sevi tossed and turned in his sleep like nobody’s business. 
He apologised profusely saying “So sorry, so sorry mon amigo” and put his bell on his pillow and we all went back to sleep.  Perhaps the trauma of being locked in the office had affected Sevi more than he had at first let on.
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Breakfast was a rushed affair as there was one extra in the queue for the bathroom and all we could offer Sevi was Red Fruit or Yellow Fruit Trim Flakes for breakfast, but Darrell promised him a crumpet from the canteen when they got to work if he was still hungry.
It was therefore fortunate and fortuitous that Sevi was more excited than hungry as Darrell had told him that they would have to get to work on the new village bus …..
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Sevi’s excitement was tangible.
Picture 380
Everything was so exciting for him ….. and what was really brilliant was that they had the bus all to themselves.
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Naturally, Sevi wanted to ding the bell, but Darrell  suggested that as there was no one else to get on or off, only them, it might cause confusion to the driver, so it might be best if he waited to ring it until they needed to get off.
Picture 389
They read all the signs together, and were so glad that they had paid their fares because £1,000 is a humungous price to pay for a couple of stops!
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“Awww, you have such an exciting life mon amigo” sighed Sevi, and Darrell  had to agree  ….
Picture 394
….. Especially when you can get a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich or Filet-O-Fish with medium fries for £1.99 when you take your bus ticket into McDonalds.
Picture 385
Ding Dong!


Anj said...

you just can't beat dinging the bell on the bus .... such a lovely feeling!!

marc said...

or singing the wheels on the bus go round and round a no one hit at play school big love marc

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Hilarious! Hope they had a safe journey to and from work . . .you know . . . no monkeying around or anything!

Hugs, Sandra