Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Step Nearer Our 5 A Day Self Sufficiency Plan

We’ve had quite a few queries about what’s in the big plant pot that’s always behind us when we are in the kitchen…..
Picture 140
It is rather huge and rather impressive,  if we may be so  bold ….. but it needs to be …..because …..
Picture 139
….. we’re growing our own bananas!
Banana Tree 2 Banana Tree 1
How brilliant is that?
Picture 142
Our current banana supply comes from Tesco at the moment, but just think how proud we will be when we harvest our first crop of bananas!  We plan to send Nigel to the top of the plant to cut them down!  ‘Nanatastic!


marc said...

today one plant in the future a whole plantaion you boys sure do have green paws big love marc

Di said...

What next I wonder? Have you stroked the leaves? They're normally so silky - and all plants like a little stroke and a few words of encouragement. Hugs, Di and Marvin xx

Di said...

It's Di again boys! Just to say that Dafydd arrived fine - and Karen is thrilled! Marvin is quite settled in here, sporting a new baseball cap and looking most trendy. I posted about him and the new cap here
We'll keep in touch but I think today's posting is his 15 minutes of fame - he likes a quiet life :) Di xx