Thursday, 11 August 2011

I’m A Lumberjack And I’m OK …..

How much wood could a woodcutter cut if a woodcutter could cut wood?....
Picture 058
We’ve been helping Granddad Colin cut logs …… wood being his fuel of choice through the autumnal and winter months.
Picture 059
It was real hard “mans” work …. for men!
Picture 060
….Darrell kept our spirits high all day by humming and occasionally bursting forth with a mixed up version of the chorus and verses of The Lumberjack Song, amid humungous peels of laughter causing him to hyperventilate at times.
Picture 064
It was greatly satisfying when we had finished, and gazed up at the huge pile of logs that we had cut …
Picture 065
….. Especially knowing that Granddad Colin would be snug and warm and wouldn’t need to wear two vests, three jumpers and a blanket round his shoulders all the time when the colder days are upon us. In fact, if he wanted, (but we wouldn’t advise or encourage this for reasons of dignity and decorum) he could wander round the house willy nilly in his undergarments and socks all day and not feel a single chill!


marc said...

lol thats a big pile of wood you have been busy big love marc

lynne said...

Oh my if you lived up here in Scotland it's an ark you two would have be better making with all that wood!

Anj said...

Funny that Lynne... a chappy who went by the name of Noah called by my office yesterday & asked if I had any spare wood!!! Well done lads - keep up the good work x

Mr. D said...

I don't want to see Grandad Colin in his underwear - willy nilly.