Monday, 22 August 2011

Brixham Fudge

While Nigel and I were in sailing the high seas to Torquay and back yesterday Nigel busied himself in Brixham and found the Fudge Shop, something we are all very partial too.
Edwards Fudge Brixham
He said “It would have been rude not to pop in and avail myself  of several 100 grams of made on the premise fresh fudge and you know how we much prefer to source all our food locally and in season when we can” he added  What is he like?
Devon Fudge
He said that they had flavours that, until now, he had only dreamt about and  making his sugary selection of choice was no mean task, but in the end he plumped for 100 grams of Malteser and 100 grams of lemon meringue fudge.
Devon Fudge 2
A most unusual but excellent confectionary purchase.  For the malteser fudge we gave 9 noms and the lemon meringue 7 noms.  Nom-fudging-tastic!


Anj said...

oooh! Lemon Meringue - my mouth is watering.....

marc said...

dont click on that link above i dont think mums monkey knows its there and it looks no good to me sorry if wrong but i dont think the boys would want any ones computer geting sick big love marc

Mr. D said...

I fancy the Malteser myself.