Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Fortuitous Find For Nigel

Building Sandcastles
There are not any beaches conducive to the making of sandcastles in Brixham, so we promised Nigel a trip to Goodrington Sands where the sand is very red but perfect for his needs of a constructional type nature..
Picture 102
And, to be honest  we were quite struck by the artistic flair he showed in his sandcastle making when we got there.
Treasure found on the Beach
However Nigel struck something much more wonderful …..  just as we were telling him it was time to start packing our bags to go back to Cockle Cottage he struck gold …. he only went and found 62p in the sand ….!  There was no doing with him after that …. he was convinced it was pirate treasure and wittered  on about pieces of eight, doubloons and Long John Silver all the way back to home and well into the night  We are never going to hear the last of this.

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Mr. D said...

Whatever you do, don't tell him about metal detectors. He'll have the back lawn dug up before you can say "Pieces of eight, shiver me timbers, arr Jim m'lad, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum"