Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finally Cockle Cottage Bound

Booking Cockle Cottage Brixham
We have been very fortunate this year in that we have all been away on several wonderful holidays/weekends, either through work (Darrell to Rome and I to the Czech Republic with the young ladies) or on our beloved Sun £9.50 holidays, but I decided that all three of us needed to go away together, something we’ve never done before ……
Cockle Cottage Booking 
With this in mind,  I went online several weeks ago   and booked Cockle Cottage in Brixham, because Sky Atlantic’s Fish Town has become our digital televisual programme of choice on a Thursday night of late -  I didn’t tell  Darrell and Nigel exactly when we would be going, as I didn’t think my nerves could have stood up to the build up of pent up excitement, but, preparing our message in a bottle yesterday should have been enough to tell them our holiday was indeed imminent!  So TODAY is the DAY and first thing this morning I told them to pack and get ready as we were finally Cockle Cottage bound.
Packing for Cockle Cottage Brixham
Well, you can imagine the excitement that ensued …. there were buckets and spades akimbo, message in a bottle safely packed and piggy banks raided for spending money and clotted cream ice creams.
Suitcases packed for Brixham Holiday
But it really didn’t take that long … and I now realise that they had pre-empted my announcement and had already started secretly packing as soon as I said I had booked our holiday, what are they like?
Picture 326
……………. anyway with three suitcases packed …… it’s wagons roll ……. look out Brixham here we come!


Di said...

Those suitcases are just so gorgeous - have a great time at Cockle Cottage boys! Di and Marvin xxx

marc said...

Di you said what i was going to say love those suitcases lol you boys have a fab time,stephan goes there every year it was the first place he went to work and live in England 20 years ago from france big love marc

Mr. D said...

Wow - I too am impressed with the cases. Matching and colourful - you won't lose them on the baggage claim. Nigel's is huge compared to his size.