Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Romantic Nautical Quandary

Picture 136
We are off to Brixham for our holidays in a couple of weeks time and have come up with a romantic notion of a maritime type nature. We want to put a message in the vinegar bottle Monkey bought in Bridgnorth a little while ago  and cast it out to sea to see where destiny takes it ….. but apart from our message …. we wondered what else we could put in …….?  The person who suggests the best idea will receive a special postcard from Brixham from us and a stick of rock when we get back!


Mrs A. said...

How about said stick of rock!! After all if a lonely sailor on his raft finds it he will be mighty pleased to have some rock to eat. Hugs Monkey & Norm.

Jen said...

How about a holey stone, a couple of nice tiny shells and some of those Chinese sweets leftover that you found somewhat lacking in nom..

lynne said...

Mmmm rather a narrow neck on the bottle... so what about a picture of you both or a whistle ( you can get long thin ones for dogs - not that they toot them but for their owners I mean.) this would mean the finder could proclaim the bottles arrival with a 'fanfare'.

Laura said...

Why don't you put a lovely photo of you both in it holding the bottle and note, wrapped round the note. I've been reading Flotsum by David Wiesner and it's all about a boy who finds a camera that has lots of underwater pictures on it - about its journey through the sea. Thought you cant get a camera in the neck, you can put a photo in (though might want to laminate it first)! You could ask in the note for the person who found it to photo themselves with it too and send it to you!