Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pasties or Pasties?

Life's a beach
I think Darrell needs to spend a little less time on the inter-web when we get back home because  when I asked him to get a couple of pasties (for lunch) he got very flummoxed. When I enquired as to why he seemed to be so ill at ease with my request, he blushed and stuttered that he wasn’t very comfortable going into a ladies shop for that sort of thing.  It seems that he had once been on a website where pasties were things that ladies put in their braziers to avoid a certain embarrassments!  What is he like?
Our first pastie
I stifled my amusement and explained to Darrell that a Cornish pastie was pastry based item, traditionally filled with meat (usually beef) and vegetables (usually potato, onion and swede) and seasoned with pepper. He didn’t bring back exactly what I wanted, as I think he was still feeling a little awkward.  But it was still very nom nom in a local delicacy type way.


Di said...

WHOOSH! That was a mouthful of my early morning tea just missing the screen. What is Nigel like! too funny!

Today's the day that Abi and I take Marcel out looking for PJs. It's a good job Nigel won't be there as Marcel might just whip off his clothes to try on the ones we have in mind. Nigel would be more than just a little embarrassed - maybe we need to ask to use the changing rooms? Di xx

Mr. D in Abu Dhabi said...

Mmmm - pasties. The Cornish miners introduced them to Mexico where you can now get a huge variety, including spicy ones and sweet ones.
I am back after a hectic summer. I will go back and read all those I have missed.

Mr. D said...

Mrs. G has a busy time checking abput two month's worth of comments. I am back up to date, having gone from 6 hours behind to 3 hours ahead.
The info thingy says I am Dubai. I must be, as computers never lie.