Thursday, 18 August 2011

Crabbing With Nigel in Brixham Harbour

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As soon as Nigel saw all the people crabbing along Brixham harbour, that is all he wanted to do yesterday …. and who were we to refuse?
Crabbing in Brixham
We told him that he would need a lot of patience …..
Crabbing in Brixham 1
….. and that he would have to sit very still in order to feel any slight movement on his line when a crab might be tempted to nibble his bait.
Crabbing in Brixham 2
….. To be honest Darrell got bored before Nigel …. after a while he went wandering off to look for holey stones.
Fishing in Brixham
But Nigel and I sat in companionable silence for ages.
Crabbing in Brixham 3
Unfortunately, the crabs weren’t biting for us,perhaps they weren’t keen on our sausages ….but to be honest if Nigel had pulled up a big crab, I think he might have wet himself!
Picture 015
But, Andy was fishing next to us and he was catching a lot of little wrasse
Nigels Fish
Which he was very gentle with and Nigel was able to watch and talk to in Andy’s bucket, before he put them safely back into the sea. 


marc said...

Nigel was very brave a crab could have been as big as him it could have been like a 50s b movie Nigel and the giant 12inch crab it came from the sea looking for monkeys to eat big love marc

Mr. D said...

I'm not concinced sausage is the best bait for crab.