Sunday, 28 August 2011

We’re So Sorry Archie

Since Darrell treated himself to a new all singing and all dancing phone on holiday, he has been able to access all our e-mail, how brilliant is that?  But, it proved to be a double edged sword because when he logged on there was an e-mail from Lynne plus a picture our friend Archie, maintaining a vigil by his front door waiting for his postcard from us!
Lynne said that it had cost her a small fortune in digestive biscuits but thought that in a way Archie was secretly glad that he does not have to wait there any longer, now he knows that a postcard won't be coming, as it is a bit draughty and depending on the angle of the Scottish rain it can also get a bit damp too.Brixham Tourist Information
Archie, we are inconsolable that we inadvertently forgot to add you to our self adhesive address labels that Darrell pre-printed before we left,  BUT, we promise that we will make it up to you when we get back home ….. promise!


Di said...

Poor Archie - sorry but he looks so woebegone we had to smile! Hope his biscuits and flask don't run out before something arrives - no post tomorrow 'cos it's Bank Holiday. Go to bed Archie and then resume the vigil on Tuesday! Love from Hank and Marvin, oops, and Marcel of course. He keeps hanging out of Abi's window and flashing.............his torch during the night!! xxxxx

Sam said...

Poor Archie. If it makes him feel any better I am still awaiting one from my Cousin who went to Cyprus. She tells me she did send one and that it is the postman's fault!! Hmmmn!

lynne said...

Oh my... Archie now thinks he is famous with all this attention but he will be brought back down to earth shortly when he has to hoover up all the biscuit crumbs that he left at the front door and clean out his flask!
Di - Thank goodness Archie hasn't got a torch as he might confuse the seafarers in the Moray Firth into thinking he was the lighthouse!!

Mr. D said...

Archie's was just a cumming ploy to get a load of biscuits and the sympathy vote too.