Saturday, 27 August 2011

Our Message In A Bottle, Tossed On The Tempest Torn Sea.

Today we decided that the time was right to send our message in a bottle on it’s ocean going adventure.
Message In A Bottle 1
We were sat half way along the breakwater in Brixham harbour, Darrell licked his finger and then held it up in the air to see if the wind conditions were right, I checked the times of the tides on the notice board on beach masters hut and Nigel said something like “When the seagull doth fly high, ‘tis a bonny tide to let ye bottle float on by” or words to that effect, goodness only knows where he got that little nugget from!
Message in a bottle 2
Anyway, we cast our bottle out into the sea, to hopefully travel the oceans on a journey of an epic type nature…….. hoping that it wouldn’t get swallowed by a whale or some other large marine creature…..
Message in a Bottle 3
We all then took a little time for contemplative reflection , each lost in our thoughts, pondering our bottles fate……. only time will tell. Then Darrell suggested an ice cream ….. which broke our solemn mood - I had passion fruit chessecake, Nigel had a coconut delight and Darrell had a chocolate fudge brownie ….. nom, nom nom.


Mrs A. said...

Norm was so excited to receive his postcard from you all. He sleeps with it under his pillow. Hugs Mrs A. & Norm.

lynne said...

Archie and I are still waiting for our postcard to arrive, perhaps it's bobbing around the coast to us in a bottle too!

Di said...

Marvin was also delighted to receive his postcard! It was the first thing he showed Hank when he got here the other day. Hugs, Di, Marvin and Hank xx

Helen said...

Auntie Jan txt us to ask what the "thing" was floating by our bottle ..... we informed her that it was seaweed!

Mr. D said...

Hopefully it will get to the beach closw to me!

marc said...

i hope it dont cause a titanic like thing in the shiping lanes of the indian ocean and if it does can i play you Darrell in the making of the film yours always with drama Hugh