Saturday, 27 August 2011

Trying To Catch Up With Our Tails!

Picture 024

Oh dear, oh dear and zut alors,  what with our rather extended holiday and so many Monkey adoptions we have got VERY behind with things …. and it was a comment from Lynne and Archie that made us realise that our address book is in rather a mess and that Monkeys we should have sent postcards too were missed off our list!  So if you have a monkey living with you and you think we may have lost your address, especially Lynne and Archie (and accept very recent adoptees)  … could you re-send us their name and address and we will make sure you are in our NEW shiny address book.

Picture 025

Poor Darrell is also working very hard backstage to get a “new look” adoptions page up and running. All the unloved and abandoned  monkeys we rescued from e-bay have all found lovely new homes and we have lots of news and photos to put on the page if you can bear with us a little longer.


Di said...

Don't get in a lather - we're amazed at how much you've done with the adoptions already! Err, Abi and Di are taking Marcel to Asda on Tuesday to look for proper buttoned up PJs for us all. We're staying home to have a little bit of band practice - we think Marcel could be the singer, a bit like a bopping Sacha Distillery! Big hugs, Marvin and Hank XX

Anonymous said...

Hello Monkey and Darrell,

We've searched and searched the hallway and the post-cage, but there is no sign of any postcards or confetti made from postcards (courtesy of Holly-Dogs' crafting). Do you want our address again???

Big love and kisses,
'Rory & 'Bella

Mr. D said...

I don't think monkeys or postcards will reach me. Ah well, never mind.