Sunday, 14 August 2011

He Just Won’t Let This One It Go ….

Darrell has been inspecting Granddad Colin’s grapevines which, as he put it, are very impressive in a penio grigio type nature ….
Picture 071
I really don’t think he is going to let this idea lie …. especially when he informs me that wine could form part of our five a day ….
 Picture 069
What is he like?
Picture 072
I think he is cahoots with Granddad and if he disappears over there for more than a few hours at a time, when the grapes are ripe, I will hazard a guess as to what they are up to ……. and I don’t have to be Derek Acorah to predict that it will be bottled and labelled as Dom Darrell Chateau Castle Greyskull 2011!! 


marc said...

lol put me down for a crate or two big love marc

Di said...

Ooops, apologies for planting the seed of an idea! Marvin sends waves, wearing his very trendy NEXT baseball cap.....don't tell him it came from the baby section in our local charity shop - right now he thinks he's 'Joe Cool'!! Di xx

Anj said...

I'm with him on that one - a glass of vino collapso counts towards my five a day!

Mr. D said...

So the five a day could include beer, wine, cider, brandy and a strawberry chocolate? Mmm.