Sunday, 21 August 2011

We Are Sailing ….

Auto suggestion of a Rod Stewart type nature …. while you are reading this try and stop yourself from humming Sailing in you head ……
Boat Trip to Torquay 1
While Darrell decided to go looking for holey stones for his collection, I thought I would treat Nigel to a boat trip on the Western Lady to Torquay.
Boat Trip to Torquay 8
Despite making sure he was wearing his seasickness wristband, taking a couple of sea sick tablets and telling him to look at the horizon ….
Boat Trip to Torquay 11
….. he still succumbed to the turbulence of the almost flat sea  …. what is he like?
Boat Trip to Torquay 7
However he soon perked up, and to be honest it was only a very short trip, but I said a coke was out of the question!
Picture 141
I wasn’t sure about this hole near where we were sitting, so as we hadn’t been issued with life jackets, flares or whistles for the journey, I told Nigel that he should be ever attentive to the perils of sea travel, no matter how short the journey, as we didn’t want the embarrassment of a  “Monkey Overboard” situation if we could help it. Poor Nigel, what was supposed to be a pleasure cruise was proving somewhat traumatic for him.
Boat Trip to Torquay 10
However, overall I found it all very romantic .. the salty wind blowing through my hair, the cawing of the seagulls as they followed our boat, and the anticipation of perhaps seeing a flock of dolphins swim alongside us (alas, that dream was not to be) …. and all the time I could hear the gravelly voice of Rod Stewart singing Sailing in my head.
Boat Trip to Torquay 5 Boat Trip to Torquay 3
And then I made a startling comparison …….
Picture 154A return ticket on the Western Lady to Torquay and back  cost us £3.50 each  whereas the return bus fare from our village to Wolverhampton on £3.60! It’s not got the same allure has it?


Anj said...

Nigel is a very funny colour....! No offence Nigel! x x

Di said...

Yup, a strange shade of green Anj! And now I'm going to be humming 'We are sailing' all day long!!! Di xx

Debs said...

We did this sea journey about 13 years ago it was great if a little bumpy in the middle, we did it in the early evening with the wonderful evening lights. So glad you are having a great time. Hugs Bee and Dee

marc said...

you boys are having such a fab time and showing us that there is still fun and things to do on a good old english holiday i love seeing what you do every day big love marc

Mrs A. said...

Perhaps the extra 10p is for the wheels on the bus!!! Now your not humming it by any chance are you!!!!!!!! Hugs Norm.

Mr. D said...

Better turbulence than flatulence?
I remember someone has a thing for Rod the Mod! Eh Mrs. G?