Saturday, 13 August 2011

Strange Fruit Indeed!

Funny Tomato 4
When Darrell visited Granny she sent him home with a bag of home grown cherry tomatoes, which is what Granny’s always do ….. send you home with a bag of something ….
Tomato Face
When we looked closely, we noticed that one of the tomatoes had a nose ….. and Darrell just couldn’t resist drawing eyes and a mouth on it …… we laughed so much we thought Darrell was going into apoplectic shock and had to get him a paper bag to breathe into just in case.
Funny Tomato
Nigel wouldn’t let us eat it …. we think he said something like it was his new friend, but we refused to let him take it to bed with him as there is no way we wanted squashed tomato and pips all over his pillow …… we felt we could have been heading for a tears at bedtime type scenario!


marc said...

its a very happy face lol made me smile big love marc

Anj said...

did he call his new friend Tommy? x

Mr. D said...

Eating it would seem like cannibalism or something.