Monday, 15 August 2011

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle
We have finally put our message in a bottle together before we go on our holiday to Cockle Cottage in Brixham.  You will no doubt have noticed too that Nigel’s excitement is such that he has taken to wearing a knotted hankie sun hat.  What is he like?
Message in a bottle 1
We have put in an assortment of treasure,  keeping it fairly light so it will float and to afford it an easy passage across the oceans, assisted by motions of a wave type nature …....
Hat made with a hankie
…… these include:- a special holey shell bracelet (unfortunately, we didn’t have a stone small enough to fit), a sea horse to represent it’s passage through the sea, a compass so that it will always know where it is, some diamonds for good fortune, a pencil to help the finder to write us, and a tiny pea pod and strawberry because getting our five a day is our raison d'être……Message in a bottle 2
….. there was also a flag with our picture on, a tiny weenie bottle with a secret message in and lastly a bead with crazy written on it , because this is a crazy adventure!
Message in a bottle 3
Getting the message into the bottle was a tight squeeze and in the end we had to use one of Lucy’s knitting needles to push it in.
Making a message in a bottle
All that was left to do was seal it and keep it safe until the time is right for us to cast it out to sea from somewhere romantic in Brixham.


marc said...

i do hope some one finds it and gets in contact or a 100 years from now when monkeys rule the world ( see the new documentry plant of the apes ) they will know that you were the first to make contact with mankind by your blog
big love marc

Mrs A. said...

Hope you remembered to put your address in for return mail? Hugs Norm.

Mr. D said...

I hope it finds its way to me. All together now "Message in a bottle."