Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Chores At Cockle Cottage

We still have to do a few chores on our Cockle Cottage holiday, but being here makes everything seem so much more romantic and poetical.
Marmite and crumpets
Darrell is in charge of preparing breakfast each morning. We didn’t bring a lot with us, as we like to source our food locally and experiment a little when we are away, but, we did bring our savoury spread of choice, marmite, with us just in case they didn’t have any in Brixham..
I am tasked to do the washing up, but having a cottagey kitchen to do it in just doesn’t seem to be the chore it is at home…..Private Cupboard at Cockle Cottage
…. but Darrell is a little curious to know what lies beyond the padlocked door in the kitchen!
 Housework 2
Taking out the rubbish is the same too, no wheelie bins at the top of our hill, just two small old fashioned dustbins with  big rocks on the top to stop the wind blowing them off and scattering potato peelings, Jaffa Cake packets and Smartie tubes everywhere. They also stop the seagulls from getting into them.  We’ve seen some really mahossive seagulls in action and they are very feisty birds of a scavenger type nature.
Housework 3
And pegging out the washing is especially romantic, when you have such a wonderful vista  looking right over the sea….. plus your washing comes in smelling of proper fresh air.  Both Darrell and I agree that we are in our domestic element!


Mrs A. said...

Hope Nigel didn't leave all the chores up to you and Darrell. Hugs Norm.

Mr. D said...

I wouldn't argue with a seagull.