Friday, 5 August 2011

Sevi And The Fortuitous Feeling Of Compelling Compulsion (Sounds Like A Harry Potter Film!)

Picture 013
Darrell is not sure about the why’s and wherefores, but last night Stevi (who lives with Sandra the Resources Lady) managed to get himself locked in the Resources Office after everyone had all gone home ….. but by an incredibly fortuitous and spooky coincidence Darrell had forgotten his lunchbox and flask and instead of leaving them there overnight, as he has done in the past,  he said he felt strongly compelled to go back to the office,  even though he was almost half way home……
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Sevi had been most resourceful, fearing a long night, he’d fashioned himself a bed from one of the paper boxes and found some clean tea towels in the kitchen for blankets. He’d also found sustenance in the guise of several Twix’s the  lunchbox Darrell had left behind  and Sarah The Latin and History Lady had left a little herbal tea in her cup which was still quite palatable. He’d also penned a note which he put beside his makeshift bed to explain his plight  in case he was stumbled upon and rescued in the night but was fast asleep. 
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Imagine his delight though when Darrell walked in, keys akimbo “Oh Darrell, I am so happy and pleased to see you mon amigo, I thought I had been, how you say, forgotten” ……. so Darrell pretended that it wasn’t his lunchbox and flask he had actually returned for and greeted him fondly and insisted that he must stay with us for the night (texting Sandra the Resources Lady first to reassure her that Sevi was safe)
Picture 401
It was good for Sevi  and Darrell to spend time together as they don’t see a lot of each other, Sevi is very busy at his golf club these days, especially as he is this years Gentleman Captain, a position of great responsibility.
Picture 404
Which is why he took such an interest in all the weather forecasts on the tele …. wanting to know if he would be able to get in a few rounds during the week.
Picture 403
Darrell was curious about the bell Sevi wore on a ribbon round his wrist, he explained that it was so people could find him when he was in the rough, as he was quite short and not easily spotted. "Golf sounds so romantic." sighed Darrell.  What is he like? 
It was getting late so Darrell showed Sevi to our Guest Room and we settled down for what we thought would be a good nights sleep …...................

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marc said...

you are a true and kind friend to take him in any thing could have happened to him you are very spooky in a caring kind of way big love marc