Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Come On …. We’ve All Done It …..

 Picture 085 
One minute you’re sitting on the beach, you’ve built a sandcastle, you’ve been for a paddle, you’ve had an ice cream  and looked for creatures of a marine type nature  in the rock pools…. so what’s your next seaside activity of choice ………….??
Bury Nigel ………….
Buried 1
All the time he had the daftest expression on his face
Buried 3
Darrell was very gentle, and Nigel was a very willing victim, participant …… but it took ages to try to remove the tiny pebbles and sand from his erm …. bits and pieces, in the end Nigel had to walk like John Wayne back to Cockle Cottage, where we had to hose him down in the shower …..and give him the flannel  for his said regions of great delicacy!  Boys will be boys! What are they like?


Di said...

Oh dear - another morning cup of tea almost snorted all over the keyboard here! I suspected what was coming - haven't forgotten Nigel's baked beans fund raising efforts.....he seems to enjoy being buried in stuff. Hope the crevasses are all cleared and unscratchy now! Di xx

Anj said...

Same here Di - my coffee nearly hit the screen - sorry is that TMI??

Mr. D said...

You need sand to build a sandcastle. Better go to Roker beach next time.