Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cockle Cottage

We were not strangers to the traffic jam on our journey to Brixham! It took much longer than we had anticipated and to be honest there is only so much eye spy you can play with Nigel as he only knows his alphabet up to d…….. and even Darrell’s humorous musings over what flavour traffic jam would be wore thin after a while!
Cockle Cottage 2011
But we’ve finally arrived in Brixham and it’s BRILLIANT!
Cockle Cottage 1
And Cockle Cottage is every bit as charming as we had imagined it would be ….
Cockle Cottafe d
It’s right on top of the hill…..
Cockle Cottage 12
……. and very romantic in a summer seaside type way.
Cockle Cottage b
We’ve even got our own bench at the front (just like Little House on the Prairie), so we can look down at the stunning views. We can see the sea and everything!
Picture 162
This is going to be the best holiday ever!
Cockle Cottage a
It’s like heaven on earth …..
Picture 160
…… only time will tell what wonderful adventures will ensue!


marc said...

it looks fab your going to be very fit walking up that hill every day
but the view is fab and you look all summer holiday in a seaside sort of ay big love marc and hugh

Mr. D said...

What a wonderful knocker too - is there a pair? Saucy postcard time?