Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Intrigue On My Way to Work

Eat Drink and Be Merry 1
Sandra had called me and asked if I could possibly come into work an hour early as there was a rush photocopying job for maps for the Geography trip to Stratford Upon Avon that had to be done before ten o’clock.
 Eat Drink and Be Merry
Naturally I said yes, and had an unremarkable journey to school until I was walked down the road leading to the back entrance  A sign outside a house said “Eat, Drink and be Merry” ….. I was intrigued. I wondered if they were perhaps opening up a little restaurant of a casual type nature, and did consider, as I hadn’t had any breakfast, knocking on the door to see if they had, by chance, any bacon butties and a latte….. but then I thought better of it.
X Factor
And then as I walked a little further I found a garland which I believe the Hawaiian's call a lei lying abandoned on the pavement……even more intrigue, as I mused over who could have discarded such a lovely item.
Hawaiian Lei
Not wishing to see it become a part of street detritus, I slipped it nonchalantly over my shoulder with the full intention of taking it home with me ….. you never know, one day I might be invited to a party of a fancy dress nature and be asked to eat, drink and be merry!
hawaiin lei 1
Aloha manyana baby as they say in Hawaii!

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Mr. D said...

Are you sure they say "Aloha manyana baby" in Hawaii? I never heard Steve McGarrett or any of his side kicks say it on Hawaii 50 when I was a child.
I suspect manyana is maƱana - Soanish for tomorrow - but I could be wrong and it could be a Hawaiian word too.