Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Oh Nigel, What On Earth Are You Up To?

To say I am a little worried about Nigel is an understatement, but I am trying my best to stay calm!
andys nokia 224
Yesterday morning I went to wake him, only to find his bed already made, his pyjamas neatly folded ……. and his best t-shirt with the dickie bow on the front gone.  I felt sick to my stomach (and have only managed a few sips of tea since).
andys nokia 219
Then I got a text with, to be honest, not enough information at the beginning and far too much information at the end!
andys nokia 221
This was shortly followed by a picture of him at the station at the top of the road …. which if he changed at Wolverhampton is a direct line to London!
And then a little later after that came another picture of him, this time sitting in first class train accommodation.  I just don’t know what to think …. and I know I shouldn’t have pried, but when I looked under his bed there were pictures of Carol Vorderman and what looked like an official and posh looking envelope of an invitation type nature ….. 


Mr. D said...

Has Hugh's big showbiz wave turned his head?
Is it the bright lights?
Does he think the streets are paved with gold?
It isn't Countdown but how did he forget his inbitation?

Monkey said...

Nooooo Mr D .... the invitation was gone ..... he'd just left the envelope .... I think Nigel and Hugh have partaken in a little showbiz gossip .... but I think Hugh is as shocked as all of us with Nigel's mysterious absence! But he is on alert if Nigel turns up on his door step!

Di said...

Oh no! Apart from crying with laughter about 'too much information' - what is Nigel up to? Let's hope he keeps you posted - about certain aspects of his trip at least :) Di xx

lynne said...

What is he like? - is it usual for Nigel to share his toilet achievements via text because maybe it's a secret code!!!

marc said...

my lips have been stuck shut with super glue and i had to swear a sacred monkey secret type oath that i would not let slip to what he was up to and in a big showbiz keep the end secret way i have done that but lets say its fab fab fab big showbiz secret handshake wave Hugh