Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vacancy …. Room To Let

Nigel wants to know if you can adopt a hedgehog ….
Hedgehog House 1
Whenever he goes missing now, we know where to find him ……. down the bottom of the garden looking to see if any hedgehogs have moved into our hedgehog house …
Hedgehog House 2
Darrell came up with the idea of making a  little sign for the house.
Room To let
He did it very carefully, a Promarker being his sign writing pen of choice ….
Picture 136
And though Darrell was taking it all very seriously Nigel seemed to find great amusement playing with Darrell’s pen top!
What Is he Like
What is he like?
Hedgehog House 1
Anyway, after they had finished laughing like drains, Darrell and Nigel went to the bottom of the garden to put the sign up on the hedgehog house.
House for A hedgehog
Now we need to wait and see how long it takes for someone or something to take up residency.


Mr. D said...

A "Promarker?" Is this another bit of product placement? Are you being paid for this? The world needs to know. :)
The pen lid on Nigel nose made me laugh.
Laughing like drains is a great saying.

lynne said...

Yes you can! We have one hedgehog that visits every night and he sometimes brings a friend.His food of choice is a mixture of crushed peanuts, raisins, mealworms and porridge oats. We hope he will spend the winter with us.

marc said...

my friend rescues hedgehogs and some times has up to 6 to look after they are in danged and need looking after you can see some of her videos on you tube look up Mr jinglecat her name is pat and she knows lots about hogs big love Marc pro markers are my pen of choice when crafting

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Gosh we don't hav a hog in ours yet, either. Maybe I shud mayke a sine, too!

That was funny, mayking the lid a big nose!