Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Ever After …. Our Latest Adoption Story ….. Bernard.

Life has so many funny twists and turns …. and some things are just meant to be in a spooky Derek Acorah sort of way.
andys nokia 356
I nipped over to our local garden centre at the weekend as I wanted to have a look at their winter flowering pansies and had heard that they were having a table top sale in one of the empty greenhouse tunnels, I was a tad curious………..I never thought for one minute that my outing would turn into a rescue mission … but as I entered the tunnel, there amongst all the bits of tut  I spotted an abandoned and unloved monkey ….
andys nokia 355
I tried avert my eyes from his well dodgy neck attire, (it was hard) but the pitiful look in his eyes said it all. I immediately knew what I had to do and gave him a reassuring wink. But to my utter dismay there wasn’t anyone manning the table and none of the other people there knew where they had gone. 
andys nokia 351
I began to panic … I couldn’t just steal, kidnap, take him but I also knew I couldn’t just leave him there!  I told him in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice “I’ll be back” and searched frantically all over the centre until I finally found the lady table holder having a cup of tea and a toasted teacake in the cafe. PHEW!!  I paid her the “ransom” and we were in the car before we could say “Thunderbirds are GO!”
andys nokia 352
When we got home Darrell couldn’t believe his eyes when I arrived home with a new friend in tow and then promptly removed the beads from around his neck and tutted “So last year!” (but in a very friendly manner). We ran a bath of a bubbly and fragrant type nature, found some new clothes and settled down to get more acquainted …….
Stanley's Monkey
Then blow me down when on Monday we got an e-mail from Stan in Reading asking if we had, perchance an abandoned and unloved Monkey needing a new home ….. talk about an epiphanical Derek Acorah moment ….. ! We checked out Stan’s credentials, which were impeccable and before we knew it “Bernard” was on the Banga bus Berkshire bound!  We just can’t believe how it all fell into place and don’t think even the aforementioned Derek couldn’t have foreseen this one coming.
adoption cert bernard
Even though we didn’t have much time together, we did ascertain that Bernard was a bit of a soap aficionado, being a fan of Corrie, Emmerdale and sometimes Eastenders (but not Hollyoaks). Corrie being his soap of choice, he was totally gobsmacked when we told him that that Nigel had met (and been manhandled by Gail Platt/Tilsley). Bernard also told us that he was into Graphic Design and we said that if he ever had drawings of a complicated type nature that he needed photocopying he could always send them to us to do (2p for black and white and 5p for colour, friends rates)!  Anyway …. we await news of his arrival at his new home ….. we will keep you informed and add another face to our adoptions page!


marc said...

well done you boys i am sure he will be loved in his new home a bit spooky his shirt went with the flower garland you found who knows you could be being lead to a holiday cruise or a trip to a cocktail bar pass on a big welcome to the family of love to him from us big show biz wave Hugh

Mr. D said...

All worked out very well indeed.
Do you have a Derek Acorah fixation? The world needs to know.
The certificate somewhat reminds me of Paddington "Please look after this" Bear.

Jelly said...
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Jen n Clint said...

Ahem.. I notice Stacy Solomon is in a with child situation. What have you been up to?;)