Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Gift Of A Very Spooky Nature For Darrell!

Picture 284 Most Haunted pen 6
Darrell loves collecting pens, so you can imagine just how excited he was when Tom the Scientist, who lives with the Lovely Laura only went and gave him a real Most Haunted pen in time for Halloween, just like Yvette Fielding must and Derek Acorah used to use!  You click the top and it exudes a light of a very eerie green type nature. There was no doing with him!
Most Haunted Pen 1
He sat for ages writing creepy words, willing it to get dark but in the end he couldn’t wait …..
Most Haunted Pen 4
….. and sat in the shower room where there isn’t a window! ….Picture 293
If Darrell starts seeing orbs and hears rapping under his bed, I am putting the blame fully in Tom’s court!


marc said...

i like it by the itching of my thumbs i think something wicked may come along if you use that pen at night big love Marc

Mr. D said...

I hope Tom the Scientist didn't fill the pen with green radioactive slime that he had lying about.
Scary stuff.