Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Darrell’s Herman Friendship Cake

Who would have believed that from foul whiff, niffs and pongs and noises of a strange phutttt… phut phut type nature …..
andys nokia 386
…… would emerge a cake of great delicacy and finese….
andys nokia 388
….. light as a feather, spongy of texture ….
nom nom nom
….. moist and wholesome, …… we who had so little faith hang our heads in shame!
andys nokia 393
Despite being blamed for most of the smells that belched forth from it during its embryonic stages …. Nigel just could not get enough of it!
andys nokia 396
Darrell’s Herman Friendship Cake has been a resounding success.
andys nokia 397
10 out of 10 noms …. and we are sorry for ever doubting you Darrell …… and when are you making another one?


Mr. D said...

I hope you kept a bit of the mixture to pass it on to friends and keep the chain going.
How did the very first ever get started? Mmm.

marc said...

That looks like nomtastic fantastic not a bit like elastic home baked like grandma would bake cake you will have to put the recipe of how to make it on here how many eggs how much apples etc i think i might have to have a go at making one big feeling hungry need apple cake and coffee break love Marc