Friday, 14 October 2011

What Is He Like?

Barclays bank Free Pens
Darrell had to nip to the bank yesterday to pay a few cheques in and he came back even more chipper than usual.  It seems that the lady behind the counter had asked him if he would like a pen of a complimentary type nature.
Free Pens at barclays bank
He admits that he was a tad cheeky as he asked if he “may” have three of the said pens , one for himself, one for me and one for Nigel …… as none of us can ever find a pen when we need one.
Free barclays Bank pens
But what had really made his day was that the pens were a perfect match for his t-shirt ….. now that’s taking his Gok Wan a bit too far.  What is he like?


Mr. D said...

Banks normally have the pens chained up to stop people taking them.
You are honoured! You must be quite famous in the neighbourhood.

marc said...

its style all the way with him and so it should be as he is a monkey about town and one to be looked up to so standards need to be kept up big love Marc