Monday, 17 October 2011

Darrell’s YES Moments – Lucozade Energy YES List – Plus Contributions From Nigel And Monkey

Lucozade Limited Edition 1 
The idea behind the Lucozade Energy YES List was to get seven artists to design seven limited edition bottles for seven different flavours of Lucozade Energy, which captured what inspires them, their music and their YES moments, those times when things come together and everything clicks …… the seven stars chosen to take part in this campaign were Plan B, Kelis, Tinie Tempah, Calvin Harris, White Lies, Wretch 32 and Yasmin …….. and now Darrell …
 Darrells Lucozade bottle
…….. we thought it would be a brilliant idea for Darrell to design his own bottle and tell everyone about how it reflects his joie de vivre and bon vivacity as well as giving us a hitherto hidden insight into what makes Darrell, “Darrell”, his influences and his YES Moments …..put simply …. Darrell revealed as never before in an encapsulated type nature …….
andys nokia 458
“Just waking up in the morning to a new day full of new challenges fuels me ….” says Darrell “…. and my bottle colour of choice reflects my love for the all things green, like skipping through country green meadows and secret woods, to the sounds of a frog chorus and the Jolly Green Giant”
“My flavour of choice, banana, reflects Monkey’s and my heritage and our rigid Five A Day regime plus the energy bananas give me whenever I find myself flagging while helping Sandra doing a rush photocopying job”
Lucozade Energy Limited Edition
“As for my own YES MOMENTs” Darrell muses “I have a few, most of which involve Stacey Solomon ….. like the moment when she was crowned Queen of Jungle in I’m a Celebrity …… when it was announced that she was going to be the new face of Iceland ……. and when I saw her first ad, sticking all her shopping in the freezer …….. but most especially, when she actually remembered my birthday with a card and a signed copy of her autobiography!  And the YES MOMENT I look forward to most?  That’s the MOMENT when I eventually meet Stacey in real life, it will be a MOMENT charged with emotion and static electricity"”
“And” added Darrell “this brings me to my only criticism of the YES List limited Edition Bottles ….. I really think that Lucozade were a little remiss in not inviting Stacey to design her own bottle as I think she would have done a lovely job, which would have probably included sparkles and glitter, puppies and kittens and hopefully me!”
For more information about the Lucozade YES List and how to win prizes including gig tickets visit
(Above) How we would look if we were ever involved in an ad campaign! 


marc said...

fab made me smile and such talent you have made me want to go and find out more about lucozade Yes and what prizes and things i can win you made it a interesting and exciting new thing to be involved you put the trend in on trend big love Marc

Mr. D said...

I never had Darrell down as a "yes" man but that's another story.
Lucozade will be flying off the shelves if this continues.
When I was a child, we only got Lucozade when I was poorly-sick in bed for a couple of days or if I had "twisted my puddings," hatever that meant. Now you don't even need to be ill at all to enjoy the glucose packed wonder drink. I think I'm turning into an Ad man.