Friday, 7 October 2011

Darrell’s Herman Friendship Cake

Herman Cake
Darrell came home after a full day of rush photocopying jobs in a very buoyant mood yesterday, the lovely Stephanie at school, who I think Darrell has a secret crush on, had given him a friendship cake to “grow”!  He said he felt blessed in a Hello Magazine type way that the lovely Stephanie had bestowed such a wondrous gift upon him.
Darrell's Herman Cake
It will be 10 days before we can actually bake and eat it,  but after we perused the detailed instructions we think we are up to the challenge of cultivating it and hopefully it will satisfy Darrell’s yearning to “brew” something as, it seems to contain an almighty amount of yeast judging from the whiffs and froth exuding from it!
Friendship cake
So today is Day 1 and we have put the mixture in a huge bowl, loosely covered so it can breathe ….. and we now need to leave it to bubble, spume and grow…. how very, very exciting!
friendship cake 1
We will keep you up to date with our and the cakes progress as and when there are any developments!


marc said...

this looks a bit scary i watched quatermass in the 60s and that grew and grew and was going to take over the world are you sure this is cake and not some cunning alien invasion big scary monkey eating cake Marc

Mr. D said...

I did one of these in the early 1990's and it was very tasty. Maybe the lovely Stephanie's mixture came from mine! I doubt it however.
Marc - if true, blast it with green lasers as in the old movies!