Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Proud Day

Although it is highly unusual to have monkeys working in a school Resources Department, we like to keep our heads down, get on with our jobs and keep a low profile and not bring attention to ourselves.
WGHS Centenary Mug WGHS Centenary Mug 2
However yesterday we knew we were really part of the team when we were presented with our School Centenary mugs, we felt so proud and honoured to receive such wondrous gifts.
WGHS Centenary Mug 3
We then mused what our first drink of choice should be out of them …. we finally opted for a hot chocolate with chocolate dust on the top. Squirty cream would have been a nice accompaniment, but the staffroom fridge doesn’t extend to such luxuries, and as Darrell quoted from Mary Poppins “Enough’s as good as a feast”. Cheers and Bottoms Up (but not in a rude type way).


marc said...

your a very big part of that school
it would not be the same with out you i am sure the girls love having you around to bring a smile in to their school girl days big love and i like the mug marc

Mr. D said...

Hot chocolate - yes, sprinkling of chocolate powder - yes. Squirty cream at work - no.
Great advice from you once more. Maybe you could start an advice column, or maybe become agony uncles.