Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cheesy Chips

Picture 204
Cheesy chips eaten outside on a warm Autumnal day……. deepfriedtastic! 10 out of 10 noms …… no, make that 15 noms!


Mr. D said...

Is that a record - 15 noms?
Did you actually say "nom" 15 times, counting in your head?

marc said...

i would give that 50 noms and if it was a sandwich with real butter then it would be 100 noms i love cheese and chips butties but not allowed to have them or i could end up like Elvis after his deep fried banana and penutbutter sandwiches but you boys are young and can work of those yummy treats big dribbling love a very hungry i want cheese and chips love Marc

Darrell says said...

Mr D ..... I nommed in sets of three, in between mouthfuls and according to Andy my noms had a rather melodic flavour to them !

Mr. D said...

Darrell - thanks for enlightening me. I am pleased you didn't nom with your mouth full.