Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Skulls
We have an abundant apple tree at the bottom of the garden …. it doesn’t belong to us, but we thought we would go scrump it anyway as we needed some apples for our shrunken head project.
Halloween shrunken skulls
It isn’t our idea, Darrell found it on a blog called where a lovely lady called Quiksave always has very brilliant ideas but as Halloween nears we especially like this one for making pretend but very realistic shrunken heads ….. heeeee heeeee heeee!
Halloween Shrunken Skulls7 
After we had scrumped, we bought the apples into the kitchen to peel them ….. we would have liked to have had a competition to see who could make the longest peel ribbon, but we are pants peelers and only managed a pile of bits!
 Halloween Apples 5
The next stage was to carve faces into the apples ……
Halloween Apples 6
……. eyes, noses and mouths ….
Halloween Apples 8
Nigel attacked his apple with great gusto, we’re not sure exactly why he gave it a lobotomy …. and at times we did wonder whether to take the peeler off him ….. but who are we to interfere with his creative flow? 
andys nokia 275  Now all we have to do is leave the apples to rot and go all squishy, mouldy and generally very horrid ….. and then we are going to put them on spikes on the wall in the front of the house on Halloween Night  …. to scare all our neighbours.
andys nokia 292
How brilliant is that?  Thank you Quicksave, this has been the best thing to do ever, of a Halloween type nature!


Mr. D said...

We "are pants peelers."
Why peel your pants?
You could peel them off if they are particularly tight, I suppose.

qwiksave said...

Aww, thanks {Blush} Will be interested to see just how grizzly your shrunken heads turn out, mine are disgusting!

marc said...

i have done these and they look fab also throwing up pumpkins were you leave all the seeds and mess comming out the mouth fab make big love mar