Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Mystical Confectionary Review Dedicated to Derek Acorah

If Derek Acorah ate sweeties we think that he would certainly nibble on these, and as such felt that it would be rude and remise not to review them, with Derek in mind.
Mysticals 1
The blurb on the resealable pouchette makes them sound so romantic, we particularly liked the word “desirable” as it made them sound very tempting.
andys nokia 033
Darrell decided to try to use his psychiatric senses to see if his spirit guide Shahib could help him in discerning what made these sweets so mystical.
Mysticals 2
However, as he tried to channel his thoughts, strange and spooky things started to happen to our camera
andys nokia 012
Everything went dark and blurry ……. so we decided that it might be safer to stop our review for a little while just in case we had enraged an unseen force or entity  ….. and try and sort the camera out ……
andys nokia 014
After a little while it became apparent that our camera had gone to a higher place, a place perhaps where it could  take pictures of the angels, saints, dead popes and perhaps God himself…… but fortuitously we have a spare and so our review could continue.
However, we have to conclude that mystical's did not enthuse us, having experienced Galaxy Minstrels on many occasions all we can say is that Mystical's are a very poor imitation and we could only give them 2 noms.
mysticals 2
Nigel was a little more enthusiastic and would probably give them 4 noms, however we have to take into consideration the immaturity of his taste buds.
We will certainly not be recommending them to Derek, especially if he intended to eat them while wearing his lovely white shirt, that could spell disaster (but hopefully Derek would foresee such a problem)


Mr. D said...

The camera went to a higher place? Upstairs? On the roof?

Di said...

Oh Mr D - that was almost as funny as the boys review!

marc said...

i hope he reads your blog boys and knows you are fans big wave septic peg

Mr. D said...

I don't know who this Derek character is.