Monday, 24 October 2011

Our Bird’s Eye Polar Bear!

Bird's Eye Polar bear
Do you remember when we bought enough packets of fish fingers in one go in order to send for a free Bird Eye Polar Bear?
Bird's Eye polar Bear 3
To be honest and a little ungracious, when he first arrived we were a little disappointed as he wasn’t as cute as Clarence is in the TV ads …….
Bird's  Eye Polar Bear 4
But he has turned out to be very photogenic as these pictures show.
Bird's Eye Polar Bear 1
So now we feel blessed to have him, and just need to find a name that suits him …. Nigel says Dennis, but Darrell thinks he looks more like a Martin!
Bird's Eye polar bear 2
Let’s hope our fridge is cold enough for him and we don’t find nibble marks in the cheese!


Mr. D said...

How about Paul the Polar bear?
I think he would be more comfortable in the freezer - "Live in the freezer" was an Attenborough documentary.

marc said...

he is bigger than i thought he would be can you get one on frozen veg as i don't eat animals so never looked i think you need to look up some sort of native name can you say enue inue or Eskimo or should you stick to a person who might live a nomadic life living in a house made of ice and snow or animal skins in summer time who hunts or some times shops and may or may not keep dogs to pull a sledge or drive a 4x4 who may wear snow boots or trainers,O boy its hard being PC when i grew up they were Eskimos and lived in a igloo and Jesus loved them according to the Sunday school song along with the Indian boy who had a bow and arrow for his toy lol big just call him Gilbert its easy love Marc, just in case you were never forced to go to Sunday school the song said Jesus loves the Eskimo in his house of ice and snow