Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sampling The Culinary Delights of a Celebrity Chef

andys nokia 348
Yesterday the young ladies suggested that if I wasn’t too busy doing rush photocopying jobs that perhaps I would like to join them in their cooking lesson and watch their “Celebrity Chef”  from RAF Cosford do a demonstration and perhaps sample some of his delights of a culinary type nature. 
andys nokia 308
Naturally, I asked Sandra first, and she said as it was Friday afternoon it wouldn’t hurt to turn off the machines a bit earlier than usual and she would tidy up if I wanted to go.
andys nokia 312
I felt a little pang for Darrell as he really would have loved to have been there too, but I embraced the experience enough for the both of us………
andys nokia 309
…… knowing how impressed Darrell would have been by the gentleman’s dumplings!
andys nokia 320
All I can say is nom, nom, dumplingtasticnom!
andys nokia 326
I am not embarrassed to say that I scrapped the bowl so clean, it really didn’t need washing (but it would have been a major health and safety issue if I hadn’t handed it over to be cleaned properly).
andys nokia 341
….. but, I still had a little room left for some chicken and banana oatcake wraps and it would have been rude not to be seen trying them …..
andys nokia 342
…. …I am a little ashamed now to admit that I stared quite hard at one of the young ladies until she eventually relinquished her fork to me ….
andys nokia 343
Twenty noms out of ten  ……. and not surprisingly I didn’t feel the need for much tea when I got home!


Mr. D said...

How should one admire a man's dumplings?
Is that an army chef's hat he is wearing? Battle ready indeed, ready to attack with his egg whisk.
The food looks great and it received plenty of noms.

marc said...

those manly dumplings look very light and airy and chicken and nana pancakes sound abit Caribbean to me big love Marc