Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Confectionary Review of A Foreign Type Nature

andys nokia 084
Tom the Scientist, with the big brain, had been to Switzerland to attend a conference of a significant and probing  forensic type nature and had bought us a present back.
andys nokia 085
To be honest we were expecting a Toblerone, but Tom said that would have been a cliché gift and anyway we could get a one from the village Tesco Express, so instead he had purchased some chocolate, which he thought would help Nigel with his French.
andys nokia 088
When we attempted to translate La Semeuse into English on Google, we were none the wiser as it came up as “The Sower” ? However, we were luckier with “chocolat au lait fourré au cafe mocca”, which we found out means milk chocolate with mocha coffee.
andys nokia 089
The milk chocolate was lovely and smooth but the mocha filling was a little rich and a trifle bitter for Nigel’s palette, though Darrell and I enjoyed it enormously as sophisticates. We have not noticed any particular improvement in Nigel’s French either, although to be truthful, we can’t understand his English most of the time!


Mr. D said...

Wow - Tom the Scientist abroad. He will be bringing something even more spohisticated next time - like Milky Bars or candy cigarettes. I expect the latter are now banned in the UK.

Monkey - Confectionary Expery said...

Sweet cigarettes are now called candy sticks in the UK now Mr D and they are not allowed to have a red end!

Mr. D said...

Thank you, oh expert, for your knowledge.