Saturday, 8 October 2011

Crafting With Acorns

Acorn Crafts
Darrell’s attempts at cooking with acorns was not as successful as he had hoped, but to keep his mood buoyant I suggested that he entertain Nigel with a little craft session with the acorns he hadn’t been grated, boiled, fried or baked to an inch of their lives….
Crafting With Acorns 1
They both decided to fashion little men out of what was left using wibbly wobbly eyes, a bit of white pen and a few small boxes.
andys nokia 214
Nigel was completely enraptured…… he hummed to himself happily and made up little voices for all the little men he made.
andys nokia 217 andys nokia 218
He called his favourite one Martin and he even made him a little car.  I think perhaps that Nigel has leanings of a very artistic type nature.
crafting with Acorns 3
I was so proud of the way Darrell had encouraged and nurtured Nigel’s obvious talents and how he had kept him on track but then......... it went very, very quiet …..…. for a minute or two ……
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…….. but then followed shrieks of loud, hysterical, uncontrollable laughter ….. which left Darrell gasping for breath …..
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What are they like?
andys nokia 209
I despair!


marc said...

i love the craft make and jesus creepers were did you get those peepers lol cant stop smiling at those eyes big love marc

Di said...

My morning chortle - thank you boys :) Di xx

Mr. D said...

Careful letting Nigel neat that glue gun. It could have a sticky ending.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh my beads! How brillyent!
I want to go an collekt haycorns rite away!!!!

Hey do yu hav eny invisibility pants? I hav posted abowt mine if yor not shor. Come an see!