Thursday, 13 October 2011

What Can We Say? When Words Just Aren’t Enough….

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We always try to say how very fortunate we are and blessed in a Hello Magazine type way and we never ever take the kindness of our fans/followers for granted, but sometimes they blow us away in ways that we just cannot find words to express ……
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Yesterday, was one of those blown away days, The Lovely Lynda, who is the daughter of Winnie, our adopted Grandma, sent us a Scottish outfit each and a pair of bagpipes!  She said that through reading our adventures she realised that both Darrell and I had a great sense of occasion and knew as soon as she saw the outfits that they screamed Monkey and Darrell by the truck load.
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Well, when we removed the tissue paper wrapping we fell silent, overwhelmed with emotion. 
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“I am so overcome, I just don’t know where to put myself “ said Darrell as he stroked his sporran. He has always, always, always wanted a kilt and all the paraphernalia that went with one, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that one day he would actually own and be able wear one. He disappeared for a while to the bathroom where I could hear him blowing his nose very noisily.
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However, when he returned, composed, his clothes went flying in all directions and he was in his kilt faster than you could  say Mahogmanay ….. and if I may say so myself, when he had finished adjusting his bits he had never looked more handsome
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He was so excited, bless him and started to pretend to ask a bonnie wee lassie if she would care to take his arm and accompany him for a wee reel !  What is he like?
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I followed suit and donned my outfit too. It felt wonderful, and I started to find myself talking like Billy Connolly and developed an “Och” at the start of all my sentences.
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We couldn’t help but admire each others appearance and both dreamed of this years New Years Eve and Burns Night Piping in the Haggis, and how they will be much more romantic occasions  now that we have the authentic attire in which to partake in them.
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And before you think about asking …… let us both just say a gentlemen NEVER discusses what is under his kilt!
Thank You Lynda xxxx you’ve made two monkeys VERY VERY happy xxx


Mr. D said...

Careful if it is a windy day!
Cue the old joke.
"Is anything worn under the kilt?"
"No. it's all in perfect working order."

Frenchie said...

This brought a tear to my eye, such handsome chaps and such kind followers, so lovely x

marc said...

Hugh will be begging me for one of those outfits if he see this post he will be green eyed and boy you are lucky boys and what a fab grandma i hope you made her a special thank you card with lots of kisses on and i think they call girls hen up in Scotland big dint tell Hugh love Marc

Di said...

Just fabulous! And so generous - I'll dance the Dashing White Sergeant with you boys anytime :) Di xx

Bee and Dee said...

Don't you look smart, now you need to learn Robbie Burns and the life cycle of the haggis. Hugs Bee

Junie said...

Oh WOW how handsome do you look in your kilts !!! Now remember true Scotsmen do not wear anything under their kilts ... .they go commando. I had to write and tell you that the town I live in with Harris (Paisley) which is just outside Glasgow .. you will never guess who is turning on the town's Christmas lights this year on 5th November !!!! your favourite Stacey Solomon. You could visit and wear your Scottish outfits !!!

lynda said...

Och!! Ah' just have tae say that you two wee chaps just look braw in yer kilts - just braw ah' tell ya both!! Grandma has been looking at yer' wee photos wae a tear in her een' she's so proud of you. Hamish has a new kiltie outfit as well - Grandma made him socks tae go wi' it all and he has a tartan sash. He is sittin' on the arm of the chair wi' a big grin on his wee face! Trouble is he'll 'no take aff the costume - and the arm of the chair isnae' aw' that wide so if he falls off - his giblets are gonna get a fair good airin'!!! Glad you both liked yer outfits. Lang mae yer lum reek lads!!

Lynda xx