Monday, 3 October 2011

Lucozade Sport Lite Cherry

Today we are honoured to review new Lucozade Sport Lite Cherry, our first “professional” review.
andys nokia 141 andys nokia 148
For the purposes of this review Darrell drew the short straw was selected to don his PE kit and run round the garden ten times robustly with a bottle ….
……  followed by 100 press-ups, rigorously supervised by myself,  to see if his energy levels were maintained, that he remained hydrated ……
andys nokia 155
…… and that his thirst was quenched……
andys nokia 157
As I checked Darrell’s recovery pulse I could tell that after only a couple of sips of Sport Lite Cherry, Darrell was champing at the bit to get going again and though what followed was remarkable, it could also be construed as tantamount to an obscene display of showing off ……
andys nokia 162 .
…… because a refreshed and re-hydrated Darrell went on to perform a very vigorous gymnastics display on the washing line …. but worried,  I insisted on pegging one of his  trouser legs to the line for health and safety purposes, before I took any photos.
andys nokia 168
“I feel fantastic” he yelled without breaking sweat ….
andys nokia 170
“Weeeeeeeeeeeee” he added “ All the vitamin B5 and B12 have helped to reduce my tiredness and fatigue, it’s unbelievable and there’s only 50 calories in it”
Lucozade Sorty Lite Cherry 4
What is he like? ….. Not only had he swallowed the Cherry Lite, it sounded as if he had swallowed the advertising blurb as well! At this point I felt it best to bring order and brevity to the situation and suggested that we all retire to the kitchen for a final summing nomming up.
Lucozade Sport Lite Cherry 6
We all agreed we like Lucozade Sport Lite Cherry very much.  Nigel thought that the flavour is subtle and light, and not at all overpoweringly cherry flavoured as he had expected, plus there is no after taste”
andys nokia 175
Darrell said from now on Lite Cherry will be his sports drink/companion of choice in his sports bag and would definitely recommend it to Vinnie the Volunteer for all his sports events.
andys nokia 176
And me …… well what can I say?  It has an excellent nose, as well as having an astonishing effect on Darrell   ……. and I award it 10 noms, a refreshing change from orange/lemon/lime sports drinks.  And the empty bottle…….
andys nokia 178
……Nigel thinks that it would make a brilliant banana boat for his bath!
Lucozade Lite
Cheers and look out Michael Winner ….. we want your job!


Mr. D said...

Wow - I'm off to the shops this minute!
How does one say Cherry Lite in Arabic? I can write Lucozade as سبورت لايت الكرز but how does one pronounce it?
You could use it in place of rosé wine as well.
I think a television advert with Darrell and a certain Ms. Solomon should come next.

marc said...

i am liking your thinking Mr D and boys you sold it to me and 50 cals
is fantastic i to am off to the shops and will be telling all my friends great review big love Marc

Di said...

Excuse ME - Cherry Lite has appeared on our shopping list here, and the handwriting is NOT mine either! We also seem to have two monkeys here limbering up ready for their energy rush when I've next been to the shops!! Think Len and I could do with it as well, off to double the quantity on that list! Di xx

Paddington fan said...

George has announced he MUST go to the shops tomorrow to get a few bottles too!! Hope they've got some in or he is going to be very disappointed....Jacky xx