Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Darrell’s Herman Friendship Cake Part Trois

Darrell has been diligently nurturing his Herman Friendship Cake for ten loooooooooong days now and so I felt that he should be the one to erm…….. finish it off!
Friendship Cake
There followed much weighing, grating and stirring (but no licking of spoons, fingers or testing of any kind as it still smelt very pungent…….)
Herman Friendship Cake
However I have to say I was very impressed by Darrell’s very adept egg cracking.
andys nokia 377
Once in the baking tin and in the oven Darrell’s cake was entirely in the lap of the Gods …… we just had no idea how it would turn out but having something reminiscent of a fetid bubbling mud pool in a bowl in the corner of our kitchen has been quite an unforgettable experience.
andys nokia 383
And then stone me ….. while he was waiting for his cake to bake Darrell whipped up a resounding risotto …. now that’s just showing off!
Herman Friendship Cake 2
Could this be the face of the new Jamie Oliver?  What is he like?  And the cake?  You’ll have to wait for that until tomorrow!


marc said...

cant wait to see what comes out that oven i thought you were making peas pudding in the pot nine days old when i saw photo of risotto big love Marc

Mr. D said...

The cake mixture in the lap of the gods? It would make a mess of their legs.
I can't wait to see how it turned out.