Sunday, 23 October 2011

Darrell’s Duck Dream

Darrell went to the nearby garden centre and was very taken by the duck houses they had, with their ramps and little bedrooms …..
Duck House
“It would be so romantic to have ducks at the bottom of the garden” he mused
Duck House 2
“We could have duck eggs for our breakfast every day”  What is he like?  Quackers!!
Pond Mister
…… And don’t mention pond misters to him ….. as he thinks they are romantic too!  Garden Centres have a lot to answer for on a boring Sunday afternoon!


Mr. D said...

Quakers or quackers?
Does that pons have dry ice in it?
Scary for halloween?

marc said...

i use those misters in displays rick has ducks at mums you don't need lots of room or a pond ( but we do at mums) they are happy as long as they can walk around and have a babys bath to splash in the eggs are very rich and make fab cakes) they will eat your fish if they get out and destroy your pond big love Marc