Friday, 16 December 2011

And The Winner Is …… Bee

At 7 o’clock on the dot we made our special draw for the winner of our £50’s worth of vouchers for a slap up and nomtastic meal at an Ask Italian restaurant of the winners choice.
Ask Italian
We wrote the names of everyone  who entered on a piece of paper, folded them all up and put them in our festive ITALIAN teapot of fortuitous fate and fortune …..
Ask Italian 1
….. and forced coerced sent Nigel in to draw a winner!
Ask Italian 2
…… he emerged several minutes later waving one of the  said pieces of folded paper, saying something that sounded like “I have in  my hand a piece of paper …….”
Ask Italian 3
When we unravelled it we saw that the winners name(s) was “Bee and Dee” and when we checked what Bee had written, we were dead chuffed and knew we had found a deserving winner  ……  Wonderful prize, would love SALMONE RUSTICO as my favourite main but very difficult to choose, and would choose the Worcester restaurant as I am going to collect an honorary degree with my family from Worcester University later in the year and it would be a lovely way to celebrate. Hugs Bee”
Ask Italian 5
Congratulations Bee as soon as we have your address your vouchers plus one of our special signed photo cards from Kodak will be winging their way to you in the post ….. We look forward to being able to post a picture of you wearing your Star and Garter (or whatever you wear when you get a degree), sitting at the table with all your family nomming  on your Salmone Ristico, which we all think sounds like a very romantic choice!


Di said...

Totally wonderful - well done Bee and hope you have a splendiferous time! Di xx

Anonymous said...

Hey - that's great Bee - what an extra special Christmas treat! Enjoy!

Bee and Dee said...

I am so delighted words cannot express our joy, really looking forward to the photograph Hugs Bee

marc said...

Well done Bee And Dee and congratulations on your degree you deserve to have a slap up meal after all those years of hard work big love Marc

Paddington fan said...

Congratulations to Bee and Dee, salmon rustico sounds like the perfect choice to celebrate getting your degree , non nom!! Have a wonderful graduation day, love Jacky and George xx

Mr. D said...

Congratulations Bee on the win. An honorary degree too - for what have you been recognised? Enjoy the university honour and the Italian meal too.
Hopefully the meal will be "molti nomis" as they ought to say in Italy.