Saturday, 24 December 2011

Time To Write Our Letters To Santa

Our Advent Days have flown by like the first  festive flurry of snow, and last night there was nothing left for us to do except for something that we have all been desperate to do since December 1st and that was to write our letters to Father Christmas. This year we have been told that we can ask for two small things  and have thus each partaken in some robust decision making of a serious  “Dear Father Christmas ” type nature.
letters to Santa
At 7.00pm, after tea, we all sat down at the kitchen table for some serious composure of letters…… Darrell has asked for “something” to put all his little “found” treasures in and a lava lamp.
Darrell's letter to Santa letters to Santa
With Darrell’s help Nigel fashioned his letter for Father Christmas asking for a bike and a mouse.
Nigel's letter to Santa
And finally I requested a paint box and a new Wolves mug, as I had dropped my beloved one which left me and the said Wolves mug shattered! I also put that we promised to leave some mince pies and milk for Santa and some carrots for Rudolph as sustenance for their long journey.
Monkeys letter to Santa
Nigel was insistent that he should lick the envelope …. it took him ages and his poor little tongue was very dried out and a very strange colour and texture by the time he had finished .
Letter to Santa 2011
Darrell then decided that we should add “You’ve Got Monkey Mail” to the envelope so that Father Christmas would know instantly who it was from and help with his time management.
You've got Monkey Mail
We then gave our precious letter to Andy to take to Granddad Colin’s as he is the only person we know who has a proper chimney to send letters to Father Christmas from. 
letter to Santa 1
Darrell made Andy vouchsafe that he wouldn’t stop off anywhere, not even Tesco Express for our lemonade, until he had delivered the letter to Granddad to “post” up his said chimney, fearful that Andy might put it down and forget where he had left it.  What is he like?  Hopefully, it’s now floating on the wind to the North Pole …. Santa’s residence of choice!!


Candycane said...

I hope it has reached him for he will be setting off in around 11 hours according to my tracker on Twitter!!!

Are you boys in Twitter???

CC xXx

Candycane said...


Mr. D said...

No monkey business on route to post the monkey letter, Andy.

Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact that chimney letter posting is very reliable and FAST! Your hearts' desires are probably all ready safely packed in Santa's sleigh. Best Father Christmas coming to town Wishes......Dianne